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Chapter 1: Dawn

04 Jan 2013 03:30 pm

Beast Colors


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27 Dec 2012 09:24 pm

Sample Page

Wanna see a sample page of the first issue. Well here it is.

Jan 11th starts the first issue run. See ya soon

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25 Dec 2012 07:59 pm

January Solicts

Written by Reece Ran
Art and Cover by Reece Ran
January 11 40pg, Price: FREE Rated PG-13

What happens when you put a Rapper, a Rocker, a Singer, a Samurai, a ninja, a bounty hunter, an evil genie, a dark queen, an unstoppable dark force and a unmatchable mysterious sword in a 4 part mini series?

SENNSUNNGETA is what you get! And this January will kick off this colored pencil action series!

Returning from a epic battle, Ronnie Ren the famous hip hop artist turned samurai reflex back on all that has happen. The struggles he and his two best friends Shar and Trifina went through. His traveling super warrior companions Shinjo and Bamm. His mentor Saten "The Jade Samurai" and all the events that led up to this point that changed his life forever. Don't you dare miss the first Arc " The End is the Beginning" of this exciting 40 page issue.

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25 Dec 2012 12:45 am

The Cast

Hey everybody, Reece Ran here. First news post. Today I just finished putting up the first batch of characters for the series. Meet the main cast of the comic. More updates tomorrow. Catch ya later.

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